Reports, news items and organisations that have mentioned and/ or used HBSC England data



Transforming Children and Young People’s Mental Health Provision: A Green Paper Department of Health & Department for Education December 2017 

Schools need to wake up to relational bullying Schools Week 28 November 2017 

The worst bullies: ‘My friends called me Ugly Betty’ BBC 17 November 2017 

‘Frenemies’ are almost TWICE as damaging to the well-being of children as physically abusive bullies (and girls are more likely to be targeted) Mail Online 15 November 2017 

Teenagers to be given classes on coping in the digital age The Telegraph 13 September 2017 

Making time to stop self-harm SecEd 6 September 2017  

More Self-Harm if Sense of Belonging to School is Low – @UniofHerts UKEdChat 5 September 2017  

Low Sense of Belonging at School Causes Young People to Self-Harm Psychreg 4 September 2017 

News Digest 7 August – 1 September PSHE Association 1 September 2017 

Make PSHE lessons compulsory to reduce ‘worrying’ levels of self-harm among pupils, urge researchers The Independent 30 August 2017 

Written evidence submitted by the HBSC England study team to the Youth Select Committee June 2017  

Building the Future: Children and the Sustainable Development Goals in Rich Countries UNICEF Innocenti Report Card 14 June 2017 

Adolescent obesity and related behaviours: trends and inequalities in the WHO European Region, 2002–2014 World Health Organization May 2017 

Obesity on rise as quarter of European teens eat sweets daily The Guardian May 2017 

Slaves to their mobile phones: Young Britons are among the worst in Europe for constantly using devices – and it’s wreaking havoc on their health Daily Mail May 2017 

A guide to: Children and young people’s mental health – the role of education Good Schools Guide May 2017  

Children and young people’s mental health —the role of education House of Commons Education and Health Committees April 2017 

Written evidence submitted by the HBSC England study team to the House of Commons Education and Health Committee February 2017


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Report: English schoolgirls’ happiness drops as they hit teenage years Medical Life Sciences News 16 March 2016 

What it’s really like to be a teenager today: Sex, smoking and drinking plummet Daily Mail 15 March 2016 

Lad culture? How British teenage girls outdo boys for sex and drunkenness The Telegraph 15 March 2016 

The 7 charts that show the countries with the highest number of teenage cannabis smokers Independent 15 March 2016 

Britain’s teenagers are stressed, drink too much and think they’re fat Independent 15 March 2016 

Daily roundup 15 March: Smoking, knives and happiness Children & Young People Now 15 March 2016 

British teenagers suffering from more stress than in other countries – report Belfast Telegraph 15 March 2016 

British teenagers among least satisfied in western world The Guardian 15 March 2016


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‘Toxic childhood’ of cyberbullying, social media and hypersexualised culture leads one in five teenagers to self-harm Daily Mail 22 May 2014 

Self-harm rate triples among teenagers in England BBC Newsbeat 21 May 2014 

Shock figures show extent of self-harm in English teenagers The Guardian 21 May 2014 

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