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Thank you for exploring this HBSC teaching resource for secondary schools. You are welcome to use this resource whether your school has been involved in the study or not.

The lesson draws on the cross-national findings from our last completed HBSC survey round (2017-2018) as well as exploring HBSC’s survey rationale, methods, analysis and what we do with our findings. We aim to show how live research into young people’s lives works in practice, as well as how it connects to their learning. The lesson covers the following:

An introduction to the HBSC cross-national study

  • Why and where we collect this data
  • Examples of findings from 2017-2018 for discussion

The thinking and planning that goes into delivering the study

  • How we make the study as relevant and accurate as possible
  • How we collect, analyse and present the data

HBSC is relevant to a range of curriculum areas in secondary education, including:

  • Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) and Health Education, where we provide links to survey data on health and relationships topics for discussion, such as peer support, oral hygiene and social media use.
  • Science (Working scientifically) and Maths (Working Mathematically; Statistics) at Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4.

Please do feel free to use the resource as works best for your class. There are opportunities to stop the recording for discussion of the questions raised on the slides/audio, or access interactive links which present findings on an array of topics which can be explored. Please see the Teachers’ guide for more information. We have also attached a full audio script.

We would very much appreciate it if you could provide us with your feedback through our short online survey – this will help us to improve our resources.

Presentation script
Teacher notes

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